Bespoke data collection, analysis & visualisation

We love putting our expertise to work on new and interesting projects. We can help drive PR campaigns by finding headline worthy data and creating visualisations or integrating ongoing big data analysis and visualisations into your internal systems. If you need data analysis & visualisation, we can help.

Open data source examples

Data collection

Before we can gain insights, we need data. You may have the data which is great and we can connect to databases or import from flat file or csv & Excel as required. But don’t worry if you don’t have the data, we can help with that too. We use many open data sources including from federal & local governments, the United Nations, the World Health Organisation & the World Bank.

If open data sources can’t help, then we can often use web harvesting & social media data combined with our text to data tools and analytic smarts to get you the answers and visualisations you need.

Custom analysis

Our analysis toolkit makes it possible for us to derive lots of interesting data from both structured & unstructured data sources. From plain text we can derive sentiment, emotions, themes and a whole heap of demogaphic indicators.

We turn text into... Great for...
sentiment & emotion monitoring reaction to events & campaigns
gender better understanding of a market/audience
age market demographics
language & location market demographics
personality-types deeper understanding of the market
topics, companies & other entities understanding underlying themes & trends
trends and predictions (linear regression) making predictions
classifications (bayes classifier) custom insights
recommendations (collaborative filter) prediction, targeting, retention

Sentiment & volume bubble chart on ipad

3D globe visualisation

Custom Visualisation

The visualisation toolkit allows us to build data reports and products for you that are engaging, work across any digital device and are exportable to pdf and images for use in print media and presentations.

Visualisation type Great for showing...
bar, line, pie charts & spark lines trends over time
pie, donut & stack charts data breakdowns
punchcards trend analysis
cartograph & chloropleth maps country & region statistical varience
heat maps, google maps, pin maps specific locations and routes
3d globe fly-throughs (left) location data on the big screen
word clouds understanding underlying themes
wave forms trends and making predictions
bubble diagrams (above) & tree maps multi dimensional data and clusters
network diagrams social networks & communication data
custom d3 visualisations whatever data you need to visualise

Getting started with Flumes Services

We're a friendly UK based team more than happy to help you solve your data problems. Our data toolkit and expertise are available, so please get in touch with your requirements and we'll get back to you promptly with further details and quotes as required.

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