Marketing reports that make you look good

Just connect Flumes Reflect to the marketing tools you use, such as social media channels & Google Analytics and Flumes Reflect will generate beautiful reports using your brand and colour scheme. These reports can be viewed online and exported to pdf and Excel.

Flumes Reflect import options

All your favourite marketing metrics in one place

We got so many requests for different visualisations and reports that involved various social media and web traffic metrics, that we decided it would be better for all of us if we just built it as a product. Reflect puts important Google Analytics, social media and email marketing data into one simple attractive report. Not only that, you can also import your own data sources via Excel and csv.

Branded however you like

Add your logo and colour scheme and it's your report, built by you, for your clients or in-house needs. No need to look in 10 different places and manually pull all the data together and then think about how to style it nicely. Just link your accounts and Reflect does the rest. The screenshot to the right shows how Google Analytics country data can be displayed.

Flumes Reflect with your brand

Flumes Reflect competitive analysis

Keep an eye on the competition

With social media alot of the metrics are publically available, so you can compare your own follower counts and engagement levels to the competition. We display this data in simple to understand charts and graphs, so it's really easy to get quick insights for you and your clients. The charts to the left show how you can compare your twitter engagement to the competition. The bars below that show demographic indicators compared with the competition such as age, gender and average follower counts.

Live dashboard & printed brochure

Reflect starts off as a multi-page online dashboard, but you can grab the visualisations as images to use in your Powerpoint presentations, export data to Excel and even generate pdf reports optimised for printing. The image to the right shows a Flumes Reflect pdf report printed and bound ready for delivery.

Flumes Reflect printed reports

Getting started with Flumes Reflect

Flumes Reflect is a software as a service product currently in private beta. We have had a lot of interest in the service so we are rolling out access as we become comfortable with its features and performance. You can request early access to Flumes Reflect by clicking the button below and explaining who you are and why you would like to try it out.

Request access to beta program

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