Market intelligence made easy

Flumes Insights listens to over 500 million messages on twitter everyday and derives valuable business intelligence including demographics, sentiment, emotions and location trends. Great for understanding reaction to events and brands and getting a detailed analysis of your target market. Take a look at some live demos and our explainer video.

From social search to beautiful reports & powerful insights

Input the keywords that define a brand, product, market, company, event or any topic. Flumes will trawl social media and analyse relevant messages to produce a stylish, live, white label report. The report shows trends, sentiment, geography, gender, age breakdown and much more in just a few seconds. The image opposite shows a punchcard visualisation of weekly hour by hour volume so you can quickly pick out hourly and daily trends. Take a look at a live volume trend report.

An unrivalled collection of demographic indicators

Our unique demographic analysis engine enables you to gain new insights into the audience you are monitoring using powerful machine learning techniques. Find out the typical personality-type, age, occupation, gender and gender sentiment. Find out the language they speak and where they are in the world. The image opposite shows our personality-type visualisation as well as gender, age and language breakdowns. Take a look at a live demographics report.

Find the influencers in any conversation

We find the influencers in any conversation, so you can target your marketing towards them or perhaps take a closer look at what they do to become so influential. We break down influencers into 3 categories, most followed, most mentioned and most influential. The banner image at the top of the page and the image opposite shows influencer reporting in action. Take a look at a live influencer report.

Get to the themes of the conversation

Insights also helps you understand what the important messages are that people are discussing using word frequency, term frequency and hashtag frequency. It also pulls out popular links, images, tweets and influential users too. The image opposite shows our word cloud tool, great for getting a snapshot of the conversation. Take a look at a live content report.

Minute by minute live reporting

Live reports are ready within a few seconds of defining the conversation you want to track and they’re updated minute by minute. That means volume, sentiment and location can all be viewed as the social media posts are published. The image opposite shows our animated live world map tweeting visualisation. Take a look at a live location report.

Getting started with Flumes Insights

Flumes Insights is available as a subscription service once configured to your needs. Depending on the level of customisation required there may be an additional charge. The live demo's will help you get a better understanding of the product. If you like what you see get in touch and let us know what you would like to use it for and we'll provide a personalised demo and quote.

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