Buzz for brands at sport events, conferences and product launches

Flumes Events is a toolkit for engaging your real and virtual audience at events and has been used with great success at some of the world's biggest sporting events. It uses our social media insights and curation tools to create beautiful, engaging and animated visualisations.

Flumes Events big screen

Show stunning, animated visualisations on huge screens

Engaging audiences around events can create stickiness for your brand and spread the message far beyond the physical event audience itself. We create great onsite experiences which encourages social media engagement, so the buzz goes around the event and beyond. We interleave social insights and content with branded messages which forms an ideal product to offer event sponsors.

Accompanying branded web & mobile spaces

Another way to spread the event message beyond the event itself is creating cross platform experiences around event social content and insights. We create branded microsites that show the buzz around the event and encourage reactions from the audience. The image to the right shows event social content curation working on the iPad.

Flumes Events on iPad

Flumes Insights live map

Polling via Social Media

A great way of creating buzz at events can be to poll your audience. With Flumes Events you can create set questions which can be distributed across social media and on to the big screens and branded spaces. The answers solicited from these questions can be automatically counted and the results automatically delivered using beautiful visualisations to the very same platforms. Not only are your audience tweeting you're also producing attractive data visualisations which themselves create buzz. The image on the left shows our polling technology in action on the iPhone.

Social data, curation, polling & visualisation means buzz

As well as social trends, content and polling you can also mix in your own data sources. Why not mix in your own video, images and web content too? We build what you need to make the most engaging experiences around your event and brand. The image on the right shows how we visualised one event with a 3d globe, showing tweets from around the world as well as volume trends on the wave diagram beneath.

Flumes Insights live map

Flumes Insights live map

Original visual content optimised for social sharing

With Flumes Events you can quickly get original data visuals optimised for social sharing. How about tweeting out a gauge visualisation to show the most supportive fans on social media as a football match progresses. A similar thing can be done to show referee popularity or 'sweariest' fans. It's original content, easy on the eye and encourages fan reaction. The image to the left shows a team vs team gauge in a twitter feed.

Getting started with Flumes Events

Flumes Events is built to your requirements using our toolkit of social media, data analysis and visualisation software. If you are interested in the product please get in touch and let us know what you would like to use it for and we'll provide more details and a personalised quote.

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