The best content in one place

Flumes Curate makes it really easy to find the most interesting content and share it with your audience in any way you choose. Curating great content gets you followers, retweets and likes as well as improving reputation and influence in your industry. Take a look at a live example of how we automatically curate our favourite topic, data visualisation.

Automatic discovery of the most interesting content

Our technology reads all the content shared on a given topic so you don't have to. We analyse trends in how posts is being shared and bubble up the hottest content. Conversations be defined by a number of keywords and/or a number of trusted influencers in a given topic area. The image on the left shows our pinterest style view of auto curated links, images and tweets that works across all devices. Take a look at a live live automatic curation.

Simple publishing of your curated content anywhere

You can use your auto curated content to further manually curate the content to publish as you wish. We build the interface based on client specification using your brand and website and make it look great on all devices, even big screens. Selecting content for publishing is as simple as favouriting a tweet or liking an Instagram photo. The image on the right shows one example of output from curation that shows sentiment and volume along with the most relevant content in a timeline display. Take a look at a live breaking news timeline curation.

Flumes Insights live map

Many social channels combined into a single branded space

We curate content from all the major social media networks and if there is an extra niche provider you wish to incorporate we can usually accommodate it. All the content is combined in a way that works on mobile, desktop and big screen and fits together to make it look clean, simple and branded as required. The image to the left shows the major social media providers we work with.

Combining data and content

You have already seen one example in the image above of how sentiment and content data from Flumes Insights can be combined with Flumes Curate content to create uniquely engaging experiences for your audience. When we set up your curation platforn you can pick and choose stats you want to be combined with media content to create the most impact. The image on the right shows an example of some of our Insights visualisations in use, along with media content in a branded mobile app.

Flumes Insights live map

Getting started with Flumes Curate

Flumes Curate is available as a subscription service once configured to your needs. There is a setup fee with Flumes Curate which allows us to create exactly the branded space you are after. The live demo's will help you get a better understanding of the product. If you like what you see get in touch and let us know what you would like to use it for and we'll provide a personalised demo and quote.

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