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We have 4 products that we set up on a per client basis and configure to your specification. We work alongside you to deliver the results you need from our apps. But we're not just about products, we can help with all sorts of data science and big data problems, take a look at our services page.

Flumes Insights

Our flagship tool allows you to define a topic of interest and get sophisticated reports about trending news, sentiment, demographics and geographies on that topic. For instance enter "#aapl, Apple Inc, Tim Cook, #apple" and get visual insights into how social media is current reacting to Apple Inc. As with all Flumes products our team will customise the reports to your requirements.

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Flumes Curate

A social media curation tool. It makes it easy for you to get microsites and tweet walls with tweets, Facebook comments, Instagrams and YouTube video. You control the content simply by favouriting a tweet or liking an Instagram photo. We build the interface to spec whether it's big screen, mobile or web. We also integrate Flumes Insights visualisations, making for an exciting real-time experience.

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Flumes Events

This package is an integration of Flumes Curate, Flumes Insights and social polling for use at events. These projects often take on a multi-platform approach including big screen, mobile apps and responsive websites. The polling option makes it possible to ask questions & get responses via social media. We've created multi-platform experiences used at some of the world's major sporting events.

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Flumes Reflect

Why is it so hard to create beautiful reports from all of our digital marketing data? We asked ourselves this question, so we built Flumes Reflect. Connect your Google Analytics account, social media accounts, email marketing accounts and Excel spreadsheets to get a beautiful branded report. Reports are available as interactive web documents or can be exported as pdfs and used in print and presentations.

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Flumes Data Toolkit


Over the years we have built up a significant set of development and server tools to make creating custom data collection, analysis and reporting tasks, quickly and cost effectively. If the out of the box products above don’t fit your requirements don’t worry, we do many bespoke projects using our in-house development skills and data toolkit. Our toolkit includes an array of web based visualisations, text analysis tools, Excel & pdf integration and social & web data harvesting. We only provide our toolkit in conjunction with development services.

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If you're looking for data science, visualisation or big data services, there is a good chance we can help. We're bonkers about data.
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