From social search to beautiful report and powerful insights in seconds

Input the keywords that define a brand, product, market, company, event or indeed any conversation and flumes will trawl social media and analyse relevant messages to produce a stylish, live, white label report showing trends, sentiment, geography, gender, age breakdown and much more in just a few seconds.

Minute by minute live reporting

Live reports are ready within a few seconds of defining the conversation you want to track and they’re updated minute by minute. That means volume, sentiment and location can all be viewed as the social media posts are published.

Unrivalled collection of demographic indicators

Our unique demographic analysis engine enables you to gain new insights into the audience you are monitoring using powerful machine learning techniques. Find out the typical personality type, age, occupation, gender and gender sentiment as well as the language they speak and where they are in the world.

Real-time location analysis and visualisation

Very few people tag there location when tweetings and even on instagram. But thanks to our powerful geo-location technology we are able to use the persons profile details to infer there location meaning we can get a location for over 80% of messages.

Best of breed sentiment analysis

We have approached sentiment analysis differently to most companies. Focussing on analysis of short messsages typical of social media and focussing on sentence structure and sentiment meaning attached to words in 8 different languages. Its a whole lot more accurate than the industry standard approach of probablistics classifiers.

Big data on the big screen

It's all very well being able to analyse millions of messages, and create hundreds of analyses but sometimes what we really want is a really simple summary of whats important. We think this is important so created a summary view ideal for your big plasma screen in the office, at conference or just on your mobile device.

With our API the limit is your imagination

Our analyses can make busines intelligence tasks, brand monitoring & news curation really simple. Now you can access the data you need through a simple, low cost, API. If you'd prefer to stay away from the code we can help with the integration too. Take a look at some examples .